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What is Carrier Legal Liability Insurance?

Carrier legal liability insurance policy is designed to cover an insured and indemnify against his/her legal liability for physical and actual damage to or loss of merchandise or goods directly caused by an accident and or fire to the vehicle registered under the number stated in the policy at the same time as such goods or merchandise are actually transported in the said vehicle.
Therefore, carrier legal liability insurance policy in India basically pays for all the expenses for which the insured shall turn out to be legally responsible as compensation for physical destruction or loss of or damage to goods or merchandise, whilst in transit, as well as during loading or unloading and whilst momentarily housed on or off vehicles in the normal course of transit. Carrier legal liability insurance policy depends on certain conditions such as:
• The accident or fire has arisen on account of negligence of the insured.
• Such loss or damage has been caused due to criminal acts or negligence of the insured’s servants.
• The vehicle is damaged due to explosion or accident or fire.
• A claim with regard to the motor vehicle thereof is registered under a comprehensive motor insurance policy covering the vehicle.

Commencement of Carrier Legal Liability Insurance Policy in India

The carrier legal liability insurance coverage will begin with the loading of cargo on the vehicle and will be in effect until unloading of the cargo at the discharging point or running out of seven days after the first arrival of the vehicle at the destination town whichever might take place first. A number of carrier legal liability insurance companies are there in India from whore you can easily buy the plan as per your requirements without and hassle.

Scope of Carrier Legal Liability Insurance Coverage

Carrier legal liability insurance plans cover a number of risks and damages related to the goods or vehicle while in transit. Find out the carrier legal liability insurance coverage below in brief.
• Loss of or damage to cargo directly caused by fire, explosion or accident to the carrying vehicle.
• Carrier legal liability insurance covers any financial loss resulting from the lost freight in connection to the damaged part of the cargo.
• Carrier's liability for cargo.
• Legal and other costs, incurred in the litigation against the claimants.
• Costs of average adjusters.
• Breakage due to indecent handling.
• Carrier legal liability insurance policy in India covers cargo salvage, transshipment, emergency storage costs.
• Flood or water damage or damage by other cargo is covered under carrier legal liability insurance plans.

Few Things to Note Regarding Carrier Legal Liability Insurance Policy Online

There are still a number of straight facts that you should keep in mind regarding carrier legal liability insurance policies online, find them out below.
• The basis of the contract is the proposal form.
• Premiums form the basis or the consideration for indemnity.
• Carrier legal liability insurance premiums must be paid upfront before the commencement of cover.
• Any deductible has to be paid by the policyholder from his/her pocket.
Carrier legal liability insurance online policy in India is helpful in terms of covering the damages or losses arising in the course of transportation of goods. The indemnity under carrier legal liability insurance can’t go beyond under the following:
• The sum mentioned for per event against AOA (Any One Accident) in the policy document for any damage or loss due to accident or fire or a series of fire or accident arising because of any event.
• In no way, carrier legal liability insurance coverage can be more than the total Sum Insured as mentioned against AOY (Any One Year) in the policy document with regard to damages or losses which could take place during the term of the insurance.

Exclusions on Carrier Legal Liability Insurance Policy in India

Similar to any other online insurance policies available in India, carrier legal liability insurance plans also have a number of exclusions under which the policy will not offer any coverage.
• Carrier legal liability insurance online will not cover any damage or loss that takes place beyond the period of insurance.
• Strikes or acts of terrorism.
• Depreciation, delay, loss of market or any act of confiscation by the public authority.
• Rejection from the government, government agency or other competent authority to grant necessary or license or permit
• Liability under any other contract not under Carriers Act 1865.
• Liability in respect to the damage to property belonging to insured or his employees or in his control
• Inherent vice or defect, deterioration, wear and tear, decay or spontaneous combustion of perishable goods is excluded from carrier legal liability insurance coverage.
• Carrier legal liability insurance policies will not cover any consequential loss arising from the loss or damage to goods.
• Any consequence of riots, strikes, war, ionizing radiations is not covered under the policy.
• Goods which may be illegal or illicit or smuggled are not covered under carrier legal liability insurance online.

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