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Free 24 x 7 Road Side Assistance (Worth Rs. 1500) With Every Motor Policy

About SBI General Private Car Policy

sbi car insurance SBI General Private Car Policy comes with comprehensive coverage to provide mental peace of the car-owners in India. The plan covers both third party liabilities of the owners and the damages caused to their own vehicles as well. SBI General Private Car Policy also offers personal accident coverage.

Motor Policy Coverage

Zero depreciation cover

This add-on cover provides the full Sum Insured for damaged car parts as it doesn’t take depreciation into consideration.

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NCB protection cover

This add-on cover keeps your accumulated NCB intact even if you make as many as two claims in a year.

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Road side assistance

This add-on cover provides towing facility, fuel assistance, mechanic service in case your car comes across mechanical or electrical breakdown.

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Return to Invoice Cover

This add-on cover comes handy in the event of total loss or theft of the car as it pays out the full invoice amount.

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SBI General’s Critical Illness Insurance Policy offers coverage and pays out a a fixed sum on diagnosis of thirteen critical illnesses.

SBI General Group Health Insurance Policy is designed for both individual
and family and provides comprehensive coverage against a range of medical expenses.

SBI General Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Policy provides fixed sum for each day of hospitalization including ICU hospitalization regardless of the actual expenses.

Top Policies

SBI General Private Car Insurance Policy covers the mandatory Third Party Liability and also damage or loss to the vehicle of the policyholders.

SBI General Private Two-wheeler Insurance Policy covers the mandatory Third Party Liability and also damage or loss to the two-wheeler of the policyholders.

SBI General Travel Insurance policy provides comprehensive cover to individuals, families and business people during their holiday or official trips to foreign countries.

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The SBI Motor Private Car Insurance policy is one policy that is for all the people who own a private car. It stays by the side of the benefactor if there is an accident, lending them the financial hand in times of need. It also covers the compulsory third party liability. This third party liability helps in covering the damages and injury to the third party of an accident if the benefactor is the at-fault driver. Along with this, there are many more facilities that the SBI Motor Private Car Insurance Policy gives.

  • Third Party Liability is covered by the policy.
  • If there is any loss or damage to the vehicle then the policy would cover it.

Some Additional Benefits, Given by the Policy

  • Paid driver coverage
  • Bi-fuel kit coverage
  • key replacement coverage
  • Loss of personal belongings coverage

Credit cards and debit cards are a few things that will come in handy when you are going to buy the policy. Yes. This policy can be bought online with the help of cash cards. Net banking is also something that is available with the site. You can buy the policy directly from the site. You can also opt for a call back facility given by the company where the executives will give you the details of the policy.
There is also a facility where executives will come home and explain to you everything about the policy. All these facilities teamed up together with the features of the policy cannot be resisted at all. You can click on the link given below to buy the policy and get it at home within a few days

Profile based customized pricing is one of the most interesting and the newest feature that the SBI Motor Private Car insurance. Another feature of the policy says that if the benefactor is aged between the age gaps of 36 years to 60 years then the benefactor is eligible to get good amount of discount from the company. Along with all these, there are optional add on covers to the policy like zero depreciation, NCB protection (No claim bonus protection) and return to invoice.

  • Depreciation or any kind of consequential losses are naturally excluded from the coverage of the policy.
  • If there is any kind of mechanical or electrical breakdown of the private car, then it is not included in the policy coverage.
  • The damage that is caused to or by the driver other than the benefactor who doesn’t have a legal and valid driving license is excluded from the policy.
  • If the driver is under the influence of any kind of intoxicants and then there is damage to the car or to any other person then the company is not liable to cover it.
  • Normal wear and tear, ageing of the vehicle, loss or damage due to war or nuclear risk is among the other exclusions that this policy gives.

The Eligibility Criterion to the Policy

The maximum amount that is payable under the SBI Motor Private Car Insurance Policy Rs.50,000/- during the Policy period.