Why it is necessary to buy motor insurance plan if you own a car?

Are you thinking to buy a new car for your family or your loved ones? Then it is also necessary to think about a proper car insurance plan which will be suitable for you. Apart from legal compulsion, we often hear about the cases of road accidents and rule-breaking in the newspapers on a daily basis, so considering these factors, it is significant to get car insurance right after you buy a car. Not only a car is an expensive one, its repairing charge is also costly too. If you meet any accident, it can leave you or other passengers of the car severely injured or even dead, car insurance plans help you personal accident coverage to shield treatment expenses. On the other hands, it reduces your liability by taking the third party liability car insurance coverage. But you can avail this policy, if you buy a third party liability (TPL) plan or a comprehensive plan. It also covers the cashless garage facility within the network. Therefore, it is mandate to by a well-planned car insurance plan.

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