What is Life Insurance? Features of Life Insurance Policies

What is Life Insurance? Features of Life Insurance Policies

A life insurance policy is basically a contract between a life insurance policy buyer and the life insurance company. In this case, the life insurance company promises to pay a sum of money to a designated beneficiary in exchange for a premium upon the death of the person insured.

Life Insurance is a clear-cut conception – you, in general, buy a life insurance plan that provides your beneficiary with compensation when you are no more. Keep in mind that you need to have scrupulous information about life insurance to be able to take a knowledgeable judgment about the type of life insurance policy. You need to know which life insurance policy will suit you best in terms of your for your unique requirements, the amount of death benefit that you should choose, etc and many more. 

In view of the fact that human life is very precious, it’s pretty much normal for you to get financially and emotionally disturbed when you lose a family member. To deal with such challenging situations, life insurance policies provide with the much-needed financial cushion to your family in your absence. 

A life insurance plan will provide them with lump sum or pay outs in installments, depending on the mutual discussion between you and your life insurance provider at the time of signing the policy. This makes sure that your family has a reliable and constant source of income to meet their basic requirements such as child’s education, unpaid bank loans, daily expenses or debts (if any), etc among others.

Top 3 Key Features of Life Insurance Policies:

  • Life Stage Specific Planning: Life insurers offer various plans customized for diverse stages of life. Every family has specific goals that necessitate systematic planning. These life goals may comprise buying a house, planning for your kid’s education, retirement planning, etc.
  • Long Term Saving: Life insurance plans have been designed to help you in saving and building your wealth. Life insurance is basically a methodical way to protect you financially and take care of your future plans like marriage, a child’s education, retirement etc. Consequently, with life insurance policy, you get the double benefits of savings plus protection.
  • Life Cover: The principal yet the chief benefit of a life insurance policy is to provide a life cover. It is the liability of the life insurance company to pay the life cover to your nominee in case of any ill-fated event. This life cover makes sure that you and your family is secured always in an adverse circumstance.


Considering the above-mentioned circumstances you must make sure that you have the right life cover for the total protection of you family after you are no longer there to protect them financially. Life insurance is something that you must purchase unless you are immortal. To make your journey of buying online life insurance policy smoother, GIBL brings you the top life insurance covers from the eminent insurance companies at your fingertips. So what are you thinking about? Start the cover from now because the more delay you do the more it will cost you later. 


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