Buy Travel Insurance Policy to Enjoy Your Trip to Egypt

Buy Travel Insurance Policy to Enjoy Your Trip to Egypt

Egypt stands as an unforgettable travel destination. It is a complicated but fascinating country surrounded with some of the most durable historical monuments on Earth. A trip to Egypt has always been considered as an adventure. But currently the country is in the news due to the deaths of British couple John and Susan Cooper at a popular hotel resort of Thomas Cook. So the new rules & regulations might soon be initiated for the travelers heading to the Egypt on holiday to avert unforeseen incidents. Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel in Hurghada city in Egypt is currently being inspected after British couple John and Susan Cooper died during their stay. The local governor of Egypt has found a strange odour where the couple was stayed. While the cause of death is investigated, Thomas Cook has removed 301 of the guests from the hotel.

Due to this strange incident, the country is now considering bringing in new rules for tourists heading to the country. All the tourists could shortly be forced to purchase travel insurance before being allowed into the country. And this insurance policy will need to cover accidents and medical expenses in the light of a problem.

Previously in this year, South African traveler was killed in a hot air balloon crash. This hot air balloons and camel rides are famous for its high-risk activities and many travel planner book these activities for their clients. According to a study by the Financial Regularity Authority in Egypt, an international travel insurance plan can be the savior to get rid of such risk. Traveler need to have an overseas travel insurance plan before heading to the country.

Before entering to any country, it is imperative to make sure that you have the correct documents required to enter the country. This is no less true of Egypt. Apart from Egypt, many countries like Netherlands, Cuba, and the Russia also have mandatory travel insurance rules to enter the country. Thus, traveler/Britons always ought to check before buying travel insurance plan if they are already covered or not. But more than 300,000 Britons head to Egypt for holidays without any incident. It is not the only country which is in planning for obligatory travel insurance policy; Thailand is also debating the requirement for mandatory buying of travel insurance for the sake of protection before entering the country.

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