Different types of two wheeler insurance plan

Most of the Indians’ men treat their two-wheeler as their own baby by taking a good care of it. This care must have to include with a proper two wheeler insurance plan. So it is necessary to buy a two wheeler insurance plan as it takes care of everything of your bike or scooter. However, before purchasing any two wheeler insurance plan, you should know about the plans of two-wheeler. There are two types of two-wheeler insurance plans. The plans are like third party two wheeler insurance policies and comprehensive policies.  Third party two- wheeler insurance policy is designed to provide coverage of third-party liabilities only. It does not cover all the possible risks of your bike. Another one is comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy which offers extensive coverage to both the insured vehicle and third party. But the features of a two wheeler insurance policy may vary from one company to another. However, it is always suggested to go for this type insurance policy to avoid any legal hazards.

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