How to File a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim?

How to File a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim?

Two wheelers have their own importance in terms of offering a swift means of transportation from one place to another. Apart from that, men and boys have always a special weakness and liking for bikes. Since two wheelers are mainly prone to various accidents and damage compared to a four wheeler, they certainly require special care and protection.

A two wheeler insurance policy makes sure you are protected throughout your ride by offering compensation and other required services in case you suffer any damage. In order to get any financial assistance on your two wheeler insurance policy, you’ll have to file a claim with the company. It is a must that your two wheeler insurance claim gets accepted by the insurer before you can receive any financial assistance. So you must make sure that the process of your two wheeler insurance claim doesn’t contain any mistake.

Find out the steps to file bike insurance claim with your insurance provider below. But, first, you should know the different types of motor insurance claim settlement procedures. There are basically two types of claims settlement process offered by a motor insurance company:

  • Cashless Claim Settlement

In cashless bike insurance claim settlement, the entire process is cashless. Therefore, you won't have to pay anything out of your own pocket, except the deductible if you had already opted for any. You can repair your two-wheeler from the cashless network garages of your insurer.

  • Reimbursement Claim Settlement

In this type of claim settlement, you’ll have to inform the insurance company. Then, repair your bike by paying for the expenses and after that, file a claim with your insurer. The insurance company will disburse your claim amount minus the deductible after some verification.

Bike Insurance Claim Process

Following these simple and easy two wheeler insurance claim filing steps will ensure a quicker and speedier settlement process:

  1. Contact Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Provider

Make sure that you get in touch with your insurer at the earliest to file bike insurance claim. Consider this as the first important step since not doing so can raise complications in the claim process.

  1. Lodge an FIR

In case your two-wheeler vehicle is stolen or been in a major accident, you must lodge or file an FIR at the police station. Filing an FIR will speed up your two wheeler insurance claim approval.

  1. Evaluate the Damage

You should also have the damage evaluated at once by an authorized representative in case of an accident or accidental damage.

  1. Claim Settlement via Reimbursement

You will have to pay the service centre for the initiation of the bike insurance claim process. Fill the forms and submit it along with the required set of documents to make sure you get a favorable two wheeler insurance claim settlement.

What Are the Documents Required for Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Registration?

Comprehensive plan is one where your two-wheeler, along with other damages (including theft, fire and natural calamities) are covered. It’s an ideal bike insurance plan and so you will be required to produce the following documents to fasten your two-wheeler insurance claims process:

  • Duly signed claim form
  • Copy of Valid Registration Certificate (R.C.) Copy
  • Copy of valid Driving License
  • Copy of the policy document (first two pages)
  • FIR for accidental damage.
  • Original cash receipt, repair bill and proof of release.

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