Why to renew your Bike Insurance Policy with GIBL.IN?

Why to renew your Bike Insurance Policy with GIBL.IN?

GIBL is the fastest growing online insurance distribution marketplace in India, from where you can quench all your general insurance needs right at the click of your mouse, on your convenience. We value our customers’ needs and therefore we only bring the best policies to you. Apart from these, we offer friendly customer support on claims as well.

Two wheeler insurance policies on offer from us are very much designed in a way to provide you with the best and comprehensive protection against all on and off-road odds. Be it a damage to your bike due to natural calamities, man-made calamities or and any complication arising out of third party legal liability – all will be taken care of by the two wheeler insurance policy you choose to buy or renew with us.

Find out some of the best benefits of buying or renewing your bike insurance from GIBL below.

  • Compare Online: We let all our customers compare various insurance policies online that are being offered by various insurance providers in India. When you compare you get to understand the core significance of each insurance plans. Likewise, you can compare two wheeler insurance policies with different insurance provider’s plans in terms of your preferences, coverage and price.
  • All Insurance Companies at One Place: We are tied up with all the insurance companies in India. And when you choose to renew your two wheeler insurance policy online from GIBL, we only give you the quotes from the top insurers. This way you are provided more protection and security.
  • Instant Renewal: GIBL offers instant renewal of existing and expired bike insurance policies. All you have to do is just provide the necessary details, for example, upload your RC Book, and insure your bike is the fastest way.
  • Get Discount on Policy: We offer our customers with different discounts on premium of two wheeler insurance online. You will get a certain percentage of discounts on your premium as per No Claim Bonus, when no claim has been made during a certain policy term. Apart from that, we also offer various other alternative additional discounts that could effectively be proven beneficial in terms of renewing bike insurance at the lowest guaranteed premium with maximum coverage.
  • Claims Assistance: Any support regarding claims on your two wheeler vehicle is offered from GIBL. We simply like to help our customers out and this is the reason we do everything to bring you necessary help in order to get you reimbursement from the insurance provider.
  • Largest Coverage at Lowest Premium: Money is always a matter for all of us. And everyone wants the best coverage at the lowest price. This is the reason we make sure each of our customers get the best bike insurance coverage by spending little from their pocket.
    These are some of the best reasons why you must choose GIBL in terms of renewing your bike insurance policy online. We are always sticking by the side of our policyholders all the time, 24/7. In case of any complication regarding policy purchase, renewal, claims assistance etc, you can always count on us. We are on the mission of providing the best coverage from the top insurance firms across India and making sure every motor vehicle is rightly insured

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