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Advantages of National Health Insurance Policy Online

With the increasing cost of medical expenses, you cannot avoid the necessity of a health insurance plan. So if you are looking for the best health insurance policy online, purchasing the policy of National Health Insurance will be a great idea due to its easy to access website and ample of benefits. […]

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National Health Protection scheme has introduced in Union Budget 2018

In the Union Budget 2018, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced a National Health Protection Scheme for the poor and vulnerable families in the country. This flagship National Health Protection Scheme has presented to provide coverage approx 10 crore poor and helpless families. According to th […]

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Renewal procedure of National Insurance Online plan

The booming appearance of the Internet in India has made the people to buy things from online whether it is any insurance policy or any apparel. We already had passed those days when we had to stand on queues to pay for policies renewal. Now the policyholders of National Insurance Company can buy as […]

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Obtain these steps to save on car insurance

You might view you car insurance as a legal obligation, not a purchased service, but a purchased service it is. It is the one that can save your money whenever you face any emergency during your car accident. If you do not have any car insurance, you will not be able to access any facilities which a […]

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Third Party Motor Vehicles Insurance premium becomes cheaper

As the third-party Motor insurance is mandatory for all the vehicles owners, so it becomes a cheer to all the owners of car when IRDAI has proposed reduction on premium for most of the vehicle categories in 2018-19. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority reworks on the rate of premium every […]

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It is necessary to go for a senior citizen health insurance plan

Today’s modern lifestyle of an individual makes them prone to illness. Since elderly people are more prone to frequent illness, there may be multiple occurrences of hospitalization. So to cover all the expenses in older ages, it is better to buy a senior citizen health insurance plan. This pla […]

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