National Nutrition Mission

The National Nutrition Mission (NNM), also known as Rashtriya Poshan Mission has been launched by the government of India with three year budget of 9046.17 crore rupees. The scheme was commenced from 2017-18. National Nutrition Mission as an apex body under Ministry of Women and Child Development will supervise, monitor, fix targets and guide nutrition related interventions all over the Ministries. It will also monitor an assortment of schemes contributing towards addressing malnutrition in India.

50% of the NNM will be funded by the Government Budgetary Support and 50% will be funded by International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD, also known as World Bank). The Government budgetary support would be of 60:40 between Centre and States/UTs, 90:10 for Northeast region and Himalayan States and 100% for UTs without legislature.

National Nutrition Mission will bring in measurement of height of children at the Anganwadi Centres (AWCs). The scheme will assist to conduct Social Audits. It will also set-up Nutrition Resource Centres, which will involve masses through Jan Andolan for their participation on nutrition throughout various activities, among others.

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