TATA AIG Health Insurance Overview

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is a joint business enterprise between Tata Group and American International Group (AIG). Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in India on 22nd January, 2001. The company provides a variety of general insurance products for individuals and businesses has an all-inclusive variety of general insurance products for Marine Cargo, Liability, Extended Warranty, Personal Accident, Rural-Agriculture Insurance, Travel etc. Health insurance is one of best products on offer from TATA AIG. Health insurance plans from TATA AIG are meticulously designed to keep you at the safe-side. TATA AIG health insurance policy will always help you prepare for any unexpected health condition that life could throw your way. TATA AIG has a number of effective health insurance plans on offer to keep you and your family safe from any health issues.

TATA AIG Health Insurance Plans

TATA AIG health insurance comes both on the basis of Individual and family floater coverage. These mediclaim policies have been designed to offer an individual the best health coverage in India. The company offers mediclaim policies for critical illnesses, family, senior citizens and women. You can instantly buy or renew any health insurance policy from TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited by simply visiting the official website of the company. Find out the medical policies on offer from TATA AIG below.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited offers the following health insurance plans:

  • TATA AIG MediPrime Health Insurance
  • TATA AIG Wellsurance Executive Plan
  • TATA AIG Wellsurance Family Plan
  • TATA AIG Wellsurance Woman Plan
  • TATA AIG MediSenior Plan
  • TATA AIG MediRaksha Plan
  • TATA AIG MediPlus Plan
  • TATA AIG Critical Illness Policy

TATA AIG MediPrime Health Insurance

This health insurance plan from TATA AIG comes with cashless health insurance in just four hours. It provides tax saving as well as no co-payment options. With this mediclaim policy you can finally say goodbye to financial crunch of medical expenses. The MediPrime policy has been crafted to offer you the ultimate peace of mind that is necessary for your speedy recovery. The policy offers the following benefits:

  • Domiciliary Treatment
  • Day Care Procedures: MediPrime policy covers medical costs for 140 different day care procedures that do not require 24hours hospitalization
  • Covers Pre and Post Hospitalization Medical Expenses for upto 30 days immediately before hospitalization and 60 days immediately after discharge from the hospital respectively/
  • Ayush Benefit: The mediclaim policy offers coverage for Non-allopathic in-patient treatments such as Unani, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy etc.

TATA AIG Wellsurance Executive Plan

Trying to keep pace with the mounting work pressure can take a toll on your health. Therefore, TATA AIG, keeping your unique requirements in mind, offers a health insurance plan designed to protect you comprehensively with minimum bothering and maximum benefits. Find out the advantages of this mediclaim policy below.

  • The policy offers benefit on the diagnosis of 9 critical illnesses
  • Offers benefit amount for specified minor and major surgical procedures.
  • Convalescence benefit is offered
  • Covers Post Hospitalization Expenses

TATA AIG Wellsurance Family Plan

This is a health insurance plan from TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited that covers your child’s education as well as your parents’ medical expenses. With Wellsurance Family Plan you can safeguard your whole family with and stay relaxed. It’s a single health insurance plan for everyone’s happiness.

  • Ambulance Charges: The policy pays upto the specified amount towards the medical transportation fees as well as various services incurred for bringing the insured to the hospital or any medical institution following an accident and thereafter, returning to the residence after being discharged.
  • Value Added Service: Various facilities such as health portal, free health line, discounted services for the health and wellness, health query and e-news letter can be availed by the insured where he will get access to a range of health articles and will be able to ask questions and get them answered by the experts of TATA AIG.
  • Offers benefit on the diagnosis of 11 critical illnesses
  • Convalescence benefit is offered
  • Comes with children’s education benefit in the event of Permanent total disability/ Accidental death of the bread earner.

TATA AIG Wellsurance Woman Plan

As the name suggests, this particular mediclaim policy from TATA AIG has been specifically designed for the women in India. Find out the unique and effective benefits of this health insurance plan below.

  • Covers the ICU charges for 15 days under the hospitalisation benefit of this plan. When you purchase this health insurance policy, you need not stress about the daily expenses when you’re admitted to the Intensive care unit.
  • Benefit amount is offered on the diagnosis of any of 11 Critical Illnesses. The policy also offers higher benefit in case of Cancer
  • Convalescence benefit is offered
  • In case of accidental injuries, Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery benefit is provided under this TATA AIG health insurance online policy.

TATA AIG MediSenior Plan

You certainly deserve a healthy, peaceful and happy life in your sunset years. Keeping your need to be self-reliant TATA AIG has developed Medisenior policy that aims to make sure you and your spouse have the best financial backup and medical treatment. Find out some of the unique benefits of this policy below.

  • Timely Settlement of Claims
  • The policy covers 140 Day care treatments.
  • You can avail no claims discount.
  • Broad Network Hospitals: You can purchase this policy if you are above 61 years. The policy covers a large network of over 3,000+ hospitals all over India.
  • In-patient Treatment: With this mediclaim policy, you don’t need to worry about the hospitalization expenses. Each and every cost from room rent, ICU to medicines, nursing expenses, consumables and drugs are covered.
  • Treatment at Home: Stay worry-free if you or your spouse requires medical treatment at home in case of an emergency since the policy comes with home treatment benefits.

TATA AIG MediRaksha Plan

With Mediraksha Policy from TATA AIG, you can secure and shield yourself and your family from life’s uncertainties to make sure that you enjoy the ultimate peace of mind. You no longer have to let the rising medical costs, illnesses and emergencies bring you down. Find out some of the unique benefits of this TATA AIG health insurance plan below.

  • This is an affordable health insurance plan from TATA AIG
  • The policy has been designed to help you and your family in taking care of any medical emergency.
  • The policy offers basic medical insurance, by covering illnesses and emergencies, surgical treatments and hospitalization.
  • You don’t require undergoing medical tests until the age of 55 to purchase this policy.
  • Covers Day-care Procedures: This policy is bound to take care of the expenses in case you require any of the 144 day care procedures that are covered under this plan.

TATA AIG MediPlus Plan

This is a top-up health insurance plan from TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited that offers extra coverage, which, in fact, is what you and your family needs in order to lead a relaxed and cheerful life. Mediplus Top-up plan from TATA AIG is that safekeeping umbrella that shields you and your loved ones against a number of unforeseen medical circumstances. Find out below some of the unique benefits of purchasing this mediclaim policy online from TATA AIG.

  • The policy offers timely settlement of claims with over 3000 network hospitals all over India.
  • Comes with waiver of deductible.
  • No Medical examination is required upto 45 years of age
  • Covers Up to 7 People: With this single plan, you can cover you, your spouse, three children as well as your parents.
  • Everyone Covered: This health insurance online plan covers everyone from a 91-day-old baby to individuals with 65 years of age.
  • Pre & Post-hospitalisation: This health policy covers the medical expenses incurred 60 days prior to hospitalization and up to 90 days after the discharge from the hospital.
  • Domiciliary Treatment: You could require medical care at home for any health condition that otherwise requires immediate hospitalization. Given that this treatment is based on your physician’s consent, this policy will be liable to cover the costs.

TATA AIG Critical Illness Policy

The Critical Illness health insurance policy from TATA AIG General Insurance Company has been designed to keep the health issues away in other to give you a happy and worry-free life to the fullest. With this health plan, you can avail the best treatment without stressing over medical expenses. TATA AIG will take care of it so you can aim to recover quickly.

  • The policy covers 11 critical illnesses
  • Comes with Second Opinion Benefit
  • The Critical Illness plan provides the entire coverage amount in a lump-sum.
  • Covers the critical illness like Cancer, Heart attack, Open chest CABG, Stroke, Organ transplant, Kidney failure, Blindness, Bone marrow transplant, Major burns, Coma, Paralysis and Multiple Sclerosis are the covered under this health insurance plan from TATA AIG.
  • Enhance Your Sum Insured: Later on, if you decide to increase your coverage amount; TATA AIG’s ‘Sum Insured Enhancement’ feature can help you during the renewal of policy.

TATA AIG Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal

You can renew your TATA AIG health insurance policy the same you way you purchase one. All you have to do is just visit the official website of TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited and click on ‘renew’ option. Click on ‘Health’ icon and thereafter enter your registered mobile number and policy number. After that, fill the on page queries with necessary details. Next, pay the premium online via credit card, debit card or net banking. After the successful payment of your premium, you will be done with the renewal of TATA AIG health insurance policy online. You will receive the renewal confirmation at your registered mail id or, you can also download and save the same for future use.

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