Various Types of Health Insurance Plans in India

You cannot avoid the necessity of health insurance plans due to the rising medical costs. Hospital or nursing home bills for very small purpose to considerably large diseases are a pain. And it is difficult to meet such expenses on our own without burning a hole in our savings. It is then the importance of health insurance plans come into the role play. Health Insurance plans comprehensively protects us from the entire spectrum of diseases by making the treatment costs affordable and also enabling us to gain tax benefits. For every individual in India health insurance has become a necessity as it provides risk coverage against any unforeseen expenditure. So if you want to stay worry-free from any future emergencies, you must consider a proper heath insurance policy in India.

Different types of Health Insurance Plans in India

Health insurance plans are one of the easiest ways to save your family from the rising healthcare costs. There are several types of health insurance policies in India and all the policies come with fixed benefits. However, you should buy mediclaim policies according to your requirements. Following are the most common health insurance policies in India.

  • Critical Illness Health Plan: This plan is considered as one of the most popular medical insurance policies in India. It comes with fixed benefits. If you own such type of plan, you can avail to combat very high cost of treating diseases like cancer, heart attack and the likes. This plan provides total amount of coverage in one go. The insurance company offers coverage amount when the policyholder is diagnosed by any of the ailments covered in policies. If you are looking for any mediclaim policies, your best bet should be a critical illness health insurance policy.

  • Individual Health Insurance Policy:This policy is designed to provide medical coverage for an individual person. You can make claims on your medical insurance policies up to the Sum Insured in a particular policy year. The coverage of this individual mediclaim policy is decided on the basis of the location, age, medical conditions of the policyholder. So, if you need health insurance policies for a single person, you should go for individual health insurance policy in India. To find out the best health insurance plans in India for individual, you should compare health insurance quotes online.

  • Family Floater Health Insurance Policy: As the name suggests, this plan is designed for entire families. Family floater health insurance plans provide coverage for the proposer of health insurance along with his wife and dependent children. The Sum Insured of this medical insurance plan can be shared among all the insured member of the family up to its maximum limit in. This plan is considered as the best health insurance plans in India.

  • Senior Citizen Health Plan: You all know that elderly people are more prone to fall sick. Hence, this senior citizen mediclaim policy is a must buy. This health insurance policy takes care of elderly people over 60 years of age. The best health insurance provider in India offers such senior citizen health insurance plans. The premium of the senior citizen health insurance policy in India is a bit higher than regular mediclaim

  • Maternity Health Insurance: Every woman should opt for this plan. Nowadays, almost every health insurance company offers this Maternity Health Insurance Plan. Under this plan, you will get coverage for pre and post natal care, child deliveries and sometimes vaccination expenses of new born babies as well. In other words, you can say this health insurance plan provide cover to all your maternity expenses. However, features and exclusions can vary from one insurer to another.

How to find out the Best Health Insurance Plans in India?

The above mentioned policies are the most common health insurance policies in India. However, you should choose the right one as per your requirements. So it is quite common question for you that how to find out the right health insurance plans. Well, in such case, all you have to do to compare mediclaim policies quotes. Comparison is the right step in choosing the best health insurance plans in India. The same process is applicable during mediclaim policies renewal. GIBL.IN, an online insurance broking portal can help you in this regard. This portal offers free online quotes which will be beneficial for you to choose the right health insurance plans online for you as well as for your family.