Tata AIG Maharaksha Policy

While we go out in the road, the first of the entire crisis’s that might strike us is the accident and the effect of the accident is something that stays with the person for a long time. To share the medical expenses incurred, TATA AIG has brought into view the Maharaksha policy.

Among the so many policies available in the market related to Personal accident or injury, the TATA AIG Maharaksha Policy is one such that gives in the best of the best. This policy is a unique personal injury coverage policy that protects against a wide range of accidents. Also under the cover falls death due to accident. A certain amount of cash benefit is paid for accidental injuries and hospitalization irrespective of policyholder’s expenses making them the best.

Some of the benefits given by the policy are:-

  • Coverage amount upto Rs.34 lacs.
  • It covers against loss of daily activities.

You can buy the policy online from

Now, one can also buy the policy online with the help of credit cards and debit cards. Net banking is also available with the site. The link below will take you to the site and the form, after filling up which you will be able to buy the policy. The policy will be at your doorstep in just a few days. You just have to keep in mind that you don’t fill in any kind of wrong information in the form or the form will be rejected.

The key features to the policy include

No restrictions on the choice of the hospital.

There is a 24 hour worldwide coverage.

The premium does not increase with age.

The policy also provides protection upto 75 years of age.

Some of the additional features are

Along with the above mentioned features, the TATA AIG Maharaksha Insurance policy also features a daily cash benefit for hospitalization for upto 365 days. There is also a special feature given by the company which states that there is a double claim benefit which means that the policyholder can make claim from this policy even if they have another policy.

The policy also covers

Fractures and 2nd and 3rd degree burns are something that the policy covers. The policy also covers dislocations that require surgery under the effect of anesthesia. Internal injuries, loss of activities of daily living, daily cash benefit for hospitalization are also included under the policy. Along with all these, there is also a feature of accidental death benefit.

  • Individual
  • 3 dependents members of the family.

The exclusions to the policy are listed

Any kind of pre existing conditions and complications arising from it are excluded from the coverage of the policy. Any injury caused to the benefactor due to criminal and terrorist acts, war, invasion etc are not covered under the policy. HIV and AIDS or related diseases are also not covered under the policy. Any kind of participation in adventure sports and injury caused by it are excluded from the coverage of the policy. No claim can be made within the first 31 days from the commencement of the policy according to the policy paper. Any kind of injury caused due to the use of drugs or alcohol or any kind of suicide or self inflicted injury are also excluded from the policy.

Eligibility criteria of the policy are

Coverage Amount in Rupees 5,50,000 34,00,000
Policy Term in years 1 1
Entry Age of the benefactor in Years 18 18

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