Tata AIG Criticare

The TATA AIG Criticare policy is known as a special health insurance policy which is offering a lump sum payment to the benefactors of the policy on the diagnosis of certain critical illnesses mentioned below to make sure that the benefactor does not have any problem in payment of the medical expenses.

The main benefits of the policy include

  • Covers 11 critical illness.
  • Payment in Lump sum.
  • Protection for 365 days.

Some of the additional benefits given by the policy include

Among the above mentioned 11 critical illness, there is the first heart attack, coma, major organ transplant, stroke, cancer, kidney failure covered under the policy. Paralysis, coronary artery surgery, multiple sclerosis are also covered under the policy. The expenses incurred for the medical treatment is given to the benefactor in a lump sum. The policy also has the feature of payment of benefits made even if the benefactor has claimed under some other health insurance policy.

You can know more about the policy from

All the features and benefits given by the policy are such that they are not much found in other policies so it is likeable to buy the policy. If you want to buy the policy online or you want to know more about the policy, then you can click on the link below. Cheque facility is given by the company and along with it; you also have a facility of payment through credit cards or debit cards. If you want, you can also ask for a call back from the company where the advisors of the company would give you a call back from which you would b able to know more about the policy and other policies from the company. All you got to do is click on the link below and get the details you need.

The key features of the policy include

  • There is no medical test or examination needed for the enrollment into the policy.
  • This policy also allows any benefactor to buy it in addition to any kind of basic health insurance policy.
  • The policy holder also gets a double claim benefit by the company.

Some of the additional features are

As a feature of the TATA AIG Criticare policy, the benefactors of the policy gets a second opinion from the TATA AIG empanelled doctors sitting in the United States and that too completely free of cost. Along with which the benefactor also has an option of choosing coverage of 6 different levels given the policy documents.

The coverage of the family floater policy includes

  • Individual
  • Spouse
  • Dependents

Some exclusion to the policy is given below

Along with the so many features and benefits given by the policy, there is much exclusion to the coverage also. The exclusions are listed as under-

  • Skin cancer.
  • Any kind of congenital illness is usually excluded.
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery is also not included in the policy.
  • Pre-existing conditions or illness that is arising from the existing diseases is not covered under the policy.
  • Any kind of critical illness whose symptoms have occurred before or within the 90 days of the beginning of the policy.
  • Any kind of HIV or AIDS and related diseases are excluded.
  • The policy also does not cover self-inflicted injury, mental or nervous disorder etc.

The eligibility criteria of the policy stands at

Coverage Amount in Rupees 2,50,000 15,00,000
Policy Term in years 1 1
Entry Age of the benefactor in Years 18 18

If you like the features and benefits given by the policy, then you can click on the link below. By clicking on the link you can get all the details regarding the policy and you can even buy the policy. The company has a feature of calling back where you can leave your number and then the company will provide you with a call back option and you will be able to know more about the policy.

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