Things to Consider Before Buying a Health Insurance in India

Health insurance cost is going higher and it will continue to be so. A medical emergency does not come with an announcement. Hence you should buy health insurance policies more seriously. The basic rule of thumb with medical insurance is that you should avail it the earlier you can. So, if you haven’t bought any health insurance plan for you or your family yet, you must consider getting one at the earliest. Most people think of buying health insurance policies later in life. But, the more delay you make in buying health insurance plans, the less advantages you have access to. You can get covered for much lower premium if you take health insurance policies earlier. Hence, you should buy health insurance policies at the earlier age, but you should buy health insurance policies in India according to your needs.

Health insurance companies in India provide a large range of medical insurance plans. It is quite tough work to choose the right medical insurance plan in India. Many health insurance companies may appear similar on the outside with the mediclaim policies they offer. But the story may turn out to be totally different once you consider comparing health insurance. Certain things must be kept in your mind when you buy health insurance policy in India. Different health insurance companies offer different mediclaim policies. But picking up the best health insurance provider and choosing the right health insurance plans for you or family is kind of a hard job. Well, here are some important things that you must consider before buying health insurance policies in India.

  • Network Hospitals:

    Your medicalim policies should follow you wherever you go. Make sure to check the list of hospitals that comes under your health insurance plans. In case if you travel from one city to another, it will be proven beneficial. So when you buy health insurance policy in India, you should check the insurance company’s network hospitals list.

  • Free Medical Checkup:

    While buying health insurance policies in India, give special preference to the health insurance companies that offer free medical checkup. Cashless hospitalization always proves to be the best option while buying health insurance online in India.

  • Lifetime Renewal:

    You should only opt for the health insurance companies that offer the medical insurance policies which can be renewed throughout your lifetime. It is an extremely important component if you are planning to include your elders in the coverage of health insurance plans.

  • Co-payment System:

    Health insurance companies that endorse co-payment system should be given special attention. Co-payment means that the policy holder will bear the previously decided amount of the claim while the rest amount will be fixed by the health insurance companies. So when you buy health insurance policy in India, you should know that whether your insurer provide the co-payment or not.

  • Don’t Conceal Any information:

    It is one of the serious factors that should be paid extra attention to before buying health insurance policies in India. Do not lie or conceal any information in your application form. If you have an ailment, make sure you mention it while you buy health insurance policies.

  • Waiting Periods:

    All the health insurance plans follow through a waiting period in case of pre-existing illness. Do check for the waiting period for your mediclaim policy. It is suggested that you should opt for the medical insurance companies that offer a short waiting period.

  • Go for a Reputed Company:

    While buying health insurance policy in India research on reputed health insurance companies. It is always suggested that you should only buy health insurance policies in India from the reputed health insurance companies.

  • Purchase Health Insurance at Early Age:

    If you buy health insurance policy at the early age, it will be beneficial for you. Buying heath insurance policy at the early age not only offers you the best medical coverage but also helps for your future finances better.

In Short

Apart from all these things that should be taken in mind, there are some more important things to remember if you are opting for the best medicalim policy in India. For example, look for health insurance companies that offer 24X7 assistance, maternity benefits and so on. Keep these above discussed things in your mind and then opt for health insurance policies. In such case, you can visit the online insurance broking portal of GIBL.IN. This portal will help to buy health insurance online at the lowest premium. You can also get free medical insurance quotes and renewal quotes from this online portal.