Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Online Health Insurance

While the necessity of having a comprehensive health insurance in India is an undeniable fact in this time of soaring medical costs, getting the right insurance plan has been proving to be tricky for many. Some tend to go overboard and burn a hole in their pockets by buying high-end health insurance plans with unnecessary features. And, some other, instead of checking out the health insurance plans closely just jump on any health insurance policy online they come across and hence, not getting the desired coverage in time of their needs. In India, there is no dearth of various types of online health insurance policies, so it is a tricky job to choose the best online health insurance policy in India from plethora mediclaim policies. A bunch of questions rise in our mind while opting for online health insurance or medical insurance renewal. Should I go for the medical insurance that is the cheapest or should I opt for a specialized medicalim plan that covers any pre-existing diseases? Yes it’s a bit confusing when the question is about the best online health insurance policy in India that covers all your requirements. Well, here are some of the top health insurance mistakes to avoid while buying medical insurance policy online

  • Low Premium is Not Always Best

    Most of the people focus on the premium while buying online health insurance policy in India. You should understand that buying health insurance plan with lower premium may not be a good idea. Cheap health insurance policies impose limitations in terms of diseases covered. Health insurance policy with lower premium has a limited network of hospitals which may turn into a big issue later on. So, whenever you think to opt for the health insurance policy online, you do not consider lowest insurance premium rate.

  • Don’t Forget to Compare Health Insurance Policies

    There are a large number of health insurance companies available in India today. You should compare medical insurance quotes online offered by different health insurance companies in India to select the best online health insurance policies as per your requirements. Always remember that selecting the best mediclaim policy should be your top priority while buying online health insurance policy in India.

  • Assuming One Type of Health Insurance Fits All

    Everyone’s requirement and health conditions are different while buying online health insurance policies. One of the mistakes you can make while buying mediclaim policy is by assuming that the same health insurance policy that works for your friends or co-workers will work for you too. But the thing is not like that, you have to understand the fact that different health insurance policies are made on the basis of different criteria.
  • Don’t Opt For Low Sum Insured

    Sum Insured is the amount of coverage which is offered by the health insurance companies in India. The premium of your online health insurance policy in India depends on the Sum Insured. The mistake most people make when buying online health insurance policies is by opting for low Sum Insured in order to reduce their annual mediclaim policy premium. While buying health insurance policies, you should make sure that that Sum Insured for your mediclaim policy is adequate enough to cover you against any medical emergencies.

  • Check for Pre Existing Disease Cover

    Many health insurance companies in India do not offer any coverage against pre-existing diseases. If you have a pre existing disease, make sure you do not hide it from your health insurance provider while selecting a suitable medical insurance plan. Hence, you should opt for such health insurer that offers coverage for pre-existing ailments on your online health insurance policy in India.

  • Always Go for Family Floater Health Insurance Plans

    Whenever you think to buy health insurance policy online, it is always suggested to go for Family Floater health insurance plans. These are cost-effective medicalim policies that protect a whole family for a single premium. All the members of a family can share a single Sum Insured under a family floater plan in India. However, if there are frequent instances of hospitalization in a single year the total Sum Insured might get exhausted. To minimize this risk, you should opt for family health insurance plans with restore benefits.
    These are the 6 most common mistakes that you should avoid while buying online health insurance policies in India.