Family Floater Health Insurance | Ultimate Protection for Family

Family Floater Health Insurance | Ultimate Protection for Family


Family Floater Health Insurance, as a concept, amasses a higher margin of popularity among people belonging to various social strata. While crashing around aiming at a perfect health guard for your family, you must not miss out on the wide spectrum of resourceful edges associated with Family Floater Health Insurance plans. A resourceful insurance pack such as the family floater would help you proficiently to manage the hassles and hazards surrounding your family.



Definition of Family Floater Health Insurance

To be technically and etymologically correct, Family Floater Health Insurance is a very particular and resourceful insurance plan which is tailored keeping the priorities of a family in mind. You can, to some extent, compare it with individual plans. The only difference is that it is a way better and way cooler version. By nature, family floaters are indeed quite enormous.

  Individual policy compared with Family Floater Health Insurance

An individual policy is actually a defined cover which would require you to get separate cover for each and every member of the family. There is going to be separate premiums as well. The cover is going to be utilized by one member only in whose name it has been issued. Whereas Family Floater Health Insurance is going to be used by any member of the family who has been mentioned or included in the cover. If you make a cumulative comparison then you will find that these policies are way cheaper than the individual policies.

health_Centre Banner   Key benefits which you should have:

  • Coverage for pre as well as post hospitalization charges

  • Support for emergency situations

  • Coverage of medical insurance which can be used by you, your spouse, your kids and even your parents.

  • Hazard free procedure for claim reimbursement

  • The sum assured is quite higher compared to the individual plans

  Additional coverage areas

Apart from the key benefits you would be entitled to have the leverage of some additional coverage facilities. Here are some of them:

  • Ambulance charges

  • OPD expenses

  • Expenses made on medical checks

  • Expenses borne on divergent tests

  • Discount options at a few very select outlets

  • The medical cover might reach out to in laws as well as siblings



There are certain areas of medical conditions which are not exactly covered in the family floater insurance packages. Here is an inventory of some ailments which will not be covered

  • HIV

  • Cancer

  • Congenital ailments n

  • Menorrhaglia


Some of the stalwart insurers in India

While hunting for the most befitting and beneficial cover you would have to knock the right doors. Here is a checklist of the most proficient insuring entities

  • Star health

  • Max Bupa

  • Apollo Munich Insurance Company Limited

  • National Insurance Company Limited

  • Bharti AXA general Insurance Company Limited

  • United India Insurance Company limited

  • SBI general


Here is a comparative statistics to elaborate the family floater scenario.


As a family person, you should poke, probe, ask questions and get the most precise Family Floater Health Insurance cover which would serve as a picture perfect protective shield for your entire family. After all, the protection of your family is something that cannot be trifled with.


GIBL, as an insurance comparison entity in India, gets you the most affordable quotes from premium family floater insurance plans and policies in India. If you want draw up some guidelines about family floaters to meet your insurance needs you can feel free to be in touch with GIBL. We would get you the best deals at the lowest premium ranges. You can rest assured that you come in contact with the best family floater insurances in India. There will be an array of divergent family floater policies from different insurance companies including PSU. Visit now.

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