Tips to Reduce Your Health Insurance Premium

Tips to Reduce Your Health Insurance Premium

When sudden medical emergencies take place, it becomes quite tedious job to cope up such situation. But if you have a proper health insurance policy you can cope up with exorbitant medical expenses. Health insurance plans offer a wide range of healthcare costs such as hospitalization costs in its ambit of coverage for a premium. Many people, however, shy away from health insurance policies for high premium set by health insurance companies. If you are one of those who look for ways to bring down the medical insurance premium, here are some proven tips. If you compare health insurance and follow these tips, you can easily afford the best health insurance in India.

Buy Online Mediclaim Policy at Early Age

Choosing to buy online medical insurance plans at a young age would cost you less. Health insurance companies consider young people as less likely to fall sick and get admitted so they charge them less premium on their medical insurance policies. If you compare health insurance policies when you are young and healthy, you can grab an even better deal in terms of premium.

Go for Lower Coverage to Begin with

If you are on a budget, you can start with a medical insurance policy with relatively lower coverage. You have to pay less on premium of health insurance plans with less coverage. You can enhance the Sum Insured on your medical insurance renewal by paying additional premium when your financial status improves. And, you should also compare health insurance plans with lower coverage to trace out the cheapest policy in India.

Opt for Deductibles and Co-pay

Some health insurance companies allow customers to go for deductible and co-pay voluntarily. You can make the most of this opportunity to reduce the premium of medical insurance plans. You also have to compare health insurance policies to find out the plans with such options. However, you have to select the right amount of deductible as you have to pay that amount when you make claims on your medical insurance plans. 

Select Long-term Medical Insurance

Long-term health insurance premium in India is less than the premium of basic medical insurance plans with annual term. So, you can save on the premium of your medical insurance policies by picking insurance plans with 2 or 3 years tenure. Nowadays, quite a few health insurance companies have come up with long-term medical insurance plans so you can compare health insurance long-term plans and trace out the best health insurance in India in terms of premium.

All these ways will help you minimize your medical insurance premium when you buy mediclaim policies in India. You can also compare health insurance to find out medical insurance policy with lower premium on your medical insurance renewal. There are also some other ways to minimize premium of health insurance plans. You can grab NCB by not making claims and use that discount to reduce your premium outgo. If you pay heed to these tips while buying and at the time of renewal of medical insurance policy, you can keep the premium within your limit and continue to stay protected.

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