5 new features of health insurance in India

Health insurance in India is constantly evolving. With new players appearing in the market, the competition among health insurance companies is getting stiffer with each passing year. To survive in this cut-throat competition, health insurers are frequently coming up with new features to attract customers.  Here are 5 new features of health insurance in India that you may not be familiar with. Alternative treatment coverage Health insurance plans used to exclude alternative treatment expenses from their ambit of coverage. But, newly introduced online health insurance plans cover various uncommon and alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathic treatments either up to the Sum Insured or up to a certain limit. OPD treatment coverage          Some medical treatments such as chemotherapy don’t require 24 hours of hospitalization and some medical expenses such as consultation fees don’t require hospitalizations at all. In early days, these expenses were not included in the coverage of a health insurance policy. However, nowadays, many health insurance online plans come with OPD treatment coverage. Domiciliary treatment coverage Sometimes patients are not in a state to be taken to the hospitals and treatment is undertaken at the residence of the policyholders. Sometimes, treatment takes place at the residence because of non-availability of rooms or beds in hospitals. This type of treatment is called domiciliary treatment and nowadays expenses incurred in this type of treatment are covered by health insurance online plans. Daily cash benefit Many health insurance companies in India provide their customers with a fixed amount of cash for each day of hospitalization to meet various non-medical expenses. This feature is called daily cash benefit and it has proved to be highly beneficial for policyholders. Free health check-up Many health insurers in India reward their customers for not making any claim on their online health insurance policies by facilitating them with free health check-up up to a certain limit. The number of claim-free years for which policyholders become eligible for free-health check-up does vary from one health insurer to another. All these 5 new features are beneficial, so you should look for them while buying health insurance online in India.

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