It is easy to make a claim in National Insurance Company

Claim settlement procedure of this oldest general insurer is very easy and simple. By following some required steps, the procedure can be completed. After the occurrence of any loss due to any mishaps, the insured individual’s representative must inform the National Insurance Company when claims are filed. This step will be preceded by lodging a FIR to the nearest Police Station, if the loss has occurred due to fire, burglary, theft, damage to third party, any other accident etc. After that, collect appropriate claim form and fill it up correctly. Then you have to submit the claim form to your concerned representative or to the policy issuing office along with required documents required. Your insurer may appoint a Surveyor to survey the case properly. The claim is finally settled by the office of policy issuing and payment is made to the Policyholder as a full and final settlement of claim. In case of any emergency, National Insurance Company’s officials must be informed within 24 hours after the insured individual was admitted to the network hospital.

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