About DHFL General Insurance Company

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DHFL) was founded in 1984. The Company is one of the leading organizations that provides with effortless access to housing finance to fulfill the home-ownership ambitions of families falling under lower and middle income group.

DHFL is chiefly known for providing housing loans. However, the Company has been seen increasing its business into other segments like insurance. The insurance business of DHFL is backed by Wadhawan Global Capital under the guidance of Mr Kapil Wadhawan.

After providing covers to 30,200+ households across India, the Company understood that the general insurances still continues to struggling and have substantial scale for enhancement. More exclusively, over half the models cited unwieldy procedures as a concern.

With COCO by DHFL General Insurance, all these are set to go. COCO (By DHFL General Insurance), leading InsureTech brand in India, is the Trademark used by DHFL General Insurance for its digital platform. The word ‘COCO’ is very carefully picked as a combination of ‘Connected’ and Covers’. This name signifies the Company’s ubiquitous swaddle of insurance policies in the digitally-connected world that reaches people in even the outermost corners of the country; everything it takes is a simple click of a button.

DHFL General Insurance Company Values and Vision

The vision of DHFL General Insurance Company Limited is to augment every life they touch and make sure that their policyholders feel secure and enriched.

The core values of the company are:

  • Customer Focus: DHFL General Insurance Company puts its customers come first. The company tries to stay connected with their valued customers to build a profound and lifelong relationship.
  • Trust and Respect: Trust matters and the DHFL General Insurance Company guarantees it by being reliable, honoring and by keeping their promise on the top. The Company shows admiration by recognizing the prospective of their employees and being grateful for the good work and keeping the enthusiasm alive.
  • Passion to Win: DHFL General Insurance Company has bigger goals, a passion for generating revenue and for eternity, carry a ‘CAN DO’ approach. The company always looks to seize a new opportunity and setting a new benchmark in the insurance industry.
  • Innovation: DHFL General Insurance Limited endeavors to form a demarcation in their infrastructure, offerings, procedure and deliver the ‘extra’ at a reasonably priced premium.

DHFL General Insurance Company Products and Services

DHFL General Insurance Company has a wide range of products on offer to serve the requirements of people from all walks of life. The highly adored products from DHFL General Insurance Company include:

DHFL Motor Insurance

Putting aside the questions like whether you own a car or bike, it is vital to have your vehicle insured. Contrasting to other type of insurance policies in India, motor insurance is obligatory as per law. DHFL General Insurance provides with a swift, easy and simple insurance for your prized possessions. Now back your finances and enjoy your drive with DHFL car insurance or DHFL two wheeler insurance policies.

DHFL Health Insurance

Health insurance is the need of the hours. People in India have also started to understand it and therefore, they value it now. However, purchasing the right type of health insurance policy could be a frightening task.

The health insurance policy that suits other people may not appropriate for you. With an abundant of alternatives and choices, buying a health insurance policy can be dull. But with DHFL General Insurance Company you can now unearth the best health insurance plans specifically crafted on the basis of your requirements at a reasonably priced premium.

Aside from the obvious hospitalization cover, day-care procedure, the air ambulance cover and low waiting period are some of the attractive features that you can avail with DHFL health insurance plans.

DHFL Travel Insurance

Travelling is an essential and inseparable part of our life. And travel insurance is what you need to buy in order to make sure that your abroad vacation is financially secure and protected in case of any unforeseen travel contingencies that you or your travelling companions might have face in the course of your journey.

However, a travel insurance policy is something that you will never buy if it is not one of the necessities of availing Visa for some countries. Even you buy travel insurance policies for your international tours, but what about those common train and road trips within India.

Contingency may knock your door anywhere, anytime, even if you stay or travel around India. Travel insurance policies provided by DHFL General Insurance Company makes you pay for the possible expenses resulting from an uncertain incident in the course of your travel since it offers coverage against hospitalization, loss of important documents such as passport, baggage loss, etc.

DHFL Home Insurance

You save each of your penny to buy the house of your dream. Buy what you need to understand here is that simply buying a house isn’t enough.

It is your sole responsibility to make sure that your house is protected from any possible peril. In this concern, home insurance plans from DHFL General Insurance Company come handy when it comes to keeping your house safe against fire, terrorist activity, loss of property and so on. DHFL home insurance policies have been designed in a unique way to provide with ultimate protection and these plans can be customized on the basis of the size of your house, risk profile and geography, which make sense for you.

DHFL Bike Insurance

DHFL General Insurance Company basically offers 2 types of bike insurance plans: Third Party Bike Insurance and Comprehensive Bike Insurance. While the third-party bike insurance policy has been designed to pay for liability expenses that are on the insured in case of third-party accidental damage, third-party injury or death, the comprehensive bike insurance policy has been designed to provide overall coverage along with the third-party coverage to the insured vehicle.