Oriental Universal Health Scheme

Oriental Universal Health Scheme covers all the hospitalization expenses incurred by an insured person. Not only this, this health insurance policy by Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. covers an individual person along with maximum 7 members of a family under the policy. Oriental Universal Health Scheme is a very low priced health insurance policy that comes with the maximum Sum Insured of Rs. 30, 000/- only. The health policy has been specifically designed keeping in mind the interest of the people having economically weaker background in India. That’s the reason why Oriental Universal Health Scheme has the lowest premium of Rs. 300/- for the coverage of an individual person and premium rates between Rs. 450/- to Rs. 600/- for family coverage.

Special Features of Oriental Universal Health Scheme

  • The policy compensates against accidental death and disability of the only earning member of a family.
  • Covers the expenses of Hospitalization costs resulting from various for illness / diseases / injuries suffered by the insureds.
  • The full amount of the costs incurred for any single illness is limited to Rs.15, 000/-
  • Oriental Universal Health Scheme comes with one Maternity Benefit with maximum liability of Rs.2, 500/- when the delivery is normal and Rs.5, 000/- when the delivery is caesarean.
  • The plan is available on both individual and group coverage basis.
  • Children aged between 3 months and 5 years can be covered under the policy if a single parent or both parents are covered under the same policy.

Oriental Universal Health Scheme Coverage

  • Covers the chargers for the room rent and boarding expenses of a Hospital or Nursing Home.
  • Pays for the cost incurred form anesthetist, doctor surgeon, consultant fees etc.
  • Offers Maternity benefits for one child. This benefit comes with a waiting period of 12 months.
  • Expenses incurred from blood, oxygen, anesthesia, drugs & medicine expenses.
  • Offers compensation against disability for the only earning member of a family.
  • Pays for the expenses of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Diagnostic tests such as X-ray etc, and other similar expenses.
  • Covers the costs of organs, pacemaker, prosthetics like artificial limbs etc.
  • Oriental Universal Health Scheme compensates against the death of an insured person who is the only earning member of the family due to any unforeseen accident within 6 months of the policy commencement.

Oriental Universal Health Scheme Exclusion

  • HIV / AIDS or any other STDs and Venereal Diseases.
  • The policy doesn’t cover Naturopathy treatments.
  • Costs of Spectacles or Contact Lenses, Hearing Aids etc.
  • Any dental treatment or surgeries unless it requires 24 hours hospitalization.
  • Any self inflicted injury, suicide, attempt to suicide.
  • Any activity that includes breaking or law or indulgence in crime.
  • War or war like activities, military activities, nuclear or radiation etc.


Oriental Universal Health Scheme is a totally different health insurance policy by the Government of India in terms of the benefits it offers and that the policy can be availed by both families APL (Above poverty Line) and BPL (Below Poverty Line).