Star Health Gain Insurance Policy is a premium health plan for securing yourself or your family from various means of illness, diseases and sickness. The policy offers a quick and hassle free claim settlement process along with the benefits of cashless hospitalization. Star Health Gain Insurance Policy comes with one year policy term and the advantage of lifelong renewal period.

Special Features of Star Health Gain Insurance Policy

  • This particular Star Health plan covers both Inpatient and Outpatient expenses.
  • The policy lets you choose premium to be paid and the Sum Insured required.
  • The Star Health Gain Insurance Policy Premium options follow: Rs.15,000/-; Rs.20, 000/-; Rs.25,000/-; and Rs.30,000/- (Along with extra GST charges).
  • Sum Insured options (for inpatient hospitalization) follow: Rs.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 Lakhs.
  • Sum Insured type options offered both on individual and floater basis.

Star Health Gain Insurance Policy Benefits

The health policy by Star Health comes with some benefits and advantages which follow

  • Covers the hospitalization expenses such as room, nursing, boarding expenses up to 1% of Sum Insured per day.
  • There'll be a balanced deduction in hospitalization expenses in case the room rent limit is exceeded.
  • Covers the fees of Medical Practitioner, Surgeon, Consultants Anesthetist, Specialist, and the Cost of Drugs and Medicines.
  • Ambulance charges covered up to Rs.750/- per hospitalization and Rs.1500/- per policy term.
  • Pre-Hospitalization expenses are covered up to 30 days before being admitted to the hospital.
  • Covers the expenses of post-hospitalization up to 60 days on or after the date of discharge.
  • Covers all day-care procedures expenses.
  • Co-payment of 20% of each and every claim amount for new and renewal policies for insured persons whose age at the time of policy buying is above 60 years.
  • A waiting period of 48 months for pre existing diseases.
  • Waiting period of 24 months for specified diseases/illnesses.
  • 30 days of basic waiting period which is not applicable for accidents.

Star Health Gain Insurance Policy Eligibility

  • Anyone aged between 91 days to 65 years is eligible for this policy.
  • Family stands for Self, Spouse, Dependent children up to the age of 25 years.


Apart from all these benefits and advantages mentioned above, Star Health Gain Insurance Policy offers some more benefits like the absence of Third Party Administrator and direct in-house claim settlement process. Above all, the company's staggering reputation can be evaluated from its as many as 8400+ network hospitals all over India.