United India Individual Mediclaim Policy

United India Individual Mediclaim Policy is exclusively designed to meet all the health needs of an individual insured person by securing him / her against various health issues and providing financial support to cope up with those unfortunate circumstances where a person has to face any medical emergency arising out of nowhere. Individual Mediclaim Policy from United India Insurance Company Limited pays for all the expenses incurred for the medical treatment and hospitalization as per the policy limits and Sum Insured.

Benefits and Features of United India Individual Mediclaim Policy

United India Individual Mediclaim Policy is one such health insurance policy which can cover an individual person from different illness or diseases. Children can also be covered under the same policy at times. Like any other Mediclaim policies in India, United India Individual Mediclaim Policy also has some special features and benefits to offer and they include the following.

  • Covers the expenses of room, boarding rent provided by the Hospital or Nursing Home.
  • Covers the expenses for nursing and other medical treatments.
  • Covers the costs of Surgeon, Medical Practitioner, Anaesthetist, Specialists, Consultants Fees.
  • Pays for the expenses for Operation Theatre Charges, Oxygen, Blood, Anaesthesia, Surgical Appliances, Diagnostic Materials, X-ray, Medicines and Drugs.
  • Costs covered for such treatments like Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Expenses of Peacemaker, Artificial Limbs, Radiotherapy, and Cost of organs and other similar expenses.
  • United India Individual Mediclaim Policy offers Domiciliary Treatment after the insured person has exceeded a period of 3 days under the condition of having such illnesses requiring emergency hospitalization but the patient couldn’t be transported from home to hospital or any other medical institutions or in the event of no availability of beds at hospital. In such conditions the Individual Mediclaim Policy will pay for the medical expenses of the insured person’s treatment at home.
  • This Mediclaim policy also covers the Pre & Post Hospitalization chargers under specified conditions and for specified time period.
  • The policy can be purchased online.

Exclusions of the United India Individual Mediclaim Policy

Like any other good Mediclaim policy, Individual Mediclaim Policy from United India Insurance Company too has some exclusion on their policy. Exclusion means a series of conditions that the company will not be liable to cover at any cost.

  • The costs of spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids.
  • Expenses for dental treatment or any kind of surgery that doesn’t require hospitalization.
  • Injuries resulting from any nuclear weapon or materials, war or war like situations.
  • Naturopathy Treatment is not covered under this policy
  • HIV / AIDS or any other Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Venereal Diseases.
  • Any self inflicted injury such as suicide or attempt to suicide, use of intoxicating substances like alcohol or drugs etc.


On the basis of the points discussed above, United India Individual Mediclaim Policy can be beneficial for anyone who wants to secure their health from any unforeseen medical issues. Apart from the features and benefits offered under Individual Mediclaim Policy by the United India Insurance Company also offers transparent and easy claim assistance.