United India Super Top Up Plan

Salient Features of United India Super Top Up Plan

  • The Policy is available on both Individual and Floater basis.
  • All the members of a family including the parents can be covered under a single policy with different Sum Insured and threshold level on coverage for Individual Basis United India Super Top Up Plan.
  • All the family members are covered under single Sum Insured and Threshold level under Group Basis United India Super Top Up Plan. Parents can go for a separate insurance policy.
  • Availability of Various Options with different Sum Insureds and Threshold Level.

United India Super Top Up Plan Coverage and Benefits

  • Covers various hospitalization expenses incurred from Room, Boarding charges and Nursing expenses.
  • Covers Expenses incurred from Surgeon, Anesthetist, Specialists, Medical Practitioner and Consultants Fees.
  • Cashless facility available at 7000+ network hospitals across Pan India.
  • A free Look period of 15 days applicable at the commencement of the first policy.
  • Covers the expenses incurred from various medical procedure like Blood, Oxygen, Anesthetic, Operation Theatre Charges, Cost of Medicines & drugs, Surgical Appliances, Dialysis, Radiotheraphy, Chemotheraphy, Expense of artificial limbs & prosthetic devices etc.

United India Super Top Up Plan Exclusion

  • All Pre-existing conditions up to 48 months of uninterrupted coverage.
  • Any disease / illness that an insured person came in contact with during the first 30 days of policy commencement.
  • Pregnancy, any ailments / sickness related pregnancy, child birth.
  • Any Injury resulting from drug / alcohol abuse.
  • For certain specified illness / treatment, a waiting period of 2 / 4 years.
  • Run down conditions and General debility is not covered.
  • HIV / AIDS or any other STDs or venereal diseases.
  • Cosmetic surgery, Circumcision, Plastic surgery, Weight loss treatment.
  • Psychosomatic and Psychiatric disorders, mental illness.
  • Injuries from War / act of foreign enemy / nuclear weapon and radiation.
  • Naturopathy treatment is not covered.
  • Any experimental treatment.
  • Expenses for dental treatments.


To conclude the entire scene, it can be said that the United India Super Top Up Plan can strengthen your existing health policy.