Universal Sompo Sampoorna Swasthya Kavach

As the name suggests, the Universal Sompo Sampoorna Swasthya Kavach provides a complete health insurance. In fact, this would be the ultimate health insurance that you and your family would require. The person can insure himself, his spouse and his children and parents. In case of any accident or health emergency, the person would not have to worry about the hospital and treatment expenses, if he is insured under the Universal Sompo Sampoorna Swasthya Kavach.

Key Features

The key benefits of the Universal Sompo Sampoorna Swasthya Kavach have been discussed as under:

  • Inpatient Treatment is covered:

    Inpatient treatment, which includes all the expenses when the person is in hospital, would be covered completely under the policy. The expenses covered under this include boarding expenses, room charges, nursing expense, surgeon's fee, oxygen charges, blood charges and some others.

  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses:

    Not only the inpatient expenses, but the expenses spent before and after the hospitalization would also be covered under the Universal Sompo Sampoorna Swasthya Kavach.

  • Day Care Surgeries:

    In case a minor surgery is required and the person needs to spend less than 24 hours in hospital, his charges would be covered.

  • Home Treatment:

    A good thing about the Universal Sompo Sampoorna Swasthya Kavach is that the person would not need to go to the hospital to claim the benefits of the policy. In case he just wants home treatment, it would be covered under the policy.

  • Ambulance Expenses:

    1% of the principal sum assured or a sum of Rs 1000, whichever is applicable would be provided in the name of ambulance expense as well.

  • Major Exclusions Existing Diseases:

    Any disease that the insured has since a long time, would not be covered.

  • Treatment in Waiting Period:

    The first 30 days are observed as waiting period and any treatment taken within this would not be financed by the policy.

  • Certain Diseases:

    There are certain diseases such as sinusitis, joint replacement, hernia, cataract, dilation, etc. would be excluded from the policy cover.

  • Spectacles or Hearing aids:

    Any cost related to spectacles or contact lenses, etc. would not be covered.

Additional Benefits of the Policy

Name of the Benefit
The Advantage
Enhancement of Sum
As per the desire of the insured, the sum insured can be enhanced. This is however possible upon the renewal of the policy
Term of the Policy is Simple
The policy term is simple, and is of 12 months.
Family Discount
If the insured takes the policy cover for himself and 2 other members of his family, a family discount of 10% would be provided to him.
Migration is Possible
Migration from one policy to another is possible in the middle of the period if the insured finds some other policy better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is tax benefit applicable to the policy?

    Yes, as listed under the section 80D of the Income tax Act, 1961, tax benefit would be provided.

  • Is cashless claim possible?

    Yes, in a large number of hospitals as listed under the policy, one can avail the cashless facility.