Optima Cash Plan by Apollo Munich

Optima Cash health Insurance plan by Apollo Munich has been designed to the cover numerous expenses like transportation costs, food expenses, laundry bills etc when a person is hospitalized. Since these types of extra costs become somewhat unbearable for a person along with the costs of hospitalization, Optima Cash offers its policyholders coverage for these expenses by giving lump sum cash on the basis of the number of days an insured person is hospitalized. All you’ll have to do is choose a daily cash amount at the time of buying this Apollo Munich healthy insurance policy. You should note that Optima Cash coverage has nothing to do with the expenses incurred from any medical treatment.

Apollo Munich Optima Cash Plan Eligibility

  • Anyone falling under the age between 5 years- 65 years.
  • Dependent children can also be covered from the 91st day given that one of the parents is covered under the same policy.

Benefits of Apollo Munich Optima Cash Plan

  • The policy comes with lifelong renewability.
  • Optima Cash give you the benefits of Sickness Hospital Cash that offers coverage for insured’s hospitalization if he / she suffer from any sickness during the policy term. The Sickness Hospital Cash covers expenses up to 90 days per policy year.
  • Offers Accident Hospital Cash which provides coverage in case of hospitalization immediately after an unfortunate accident.
  • The policy also offers day care benefits that include coverage for listed day care procedures.
  • Convalescence Cash in the form of a lump sum amount is paid to the insured if he / she is hospitalized further than 7 continuous days.
  • In case the insured child is 12 years old or less and has been hospitalized for more than 72 hours, the policy provides Accommodation for Parent.
  • Policy holders can enjoy the benefits of cashless service with pre-authorization for any planned admission.
  • The amount of Sum Insured can be increased given that you have not filed any claims within a policy year.
  • The amount of Sickness ICU Cash is two times the daily cash offered to an insured admitted in ICU for a maximum period of 15 days per policy year.

Optima Cash Plan Exclusions

  • HIV / AIDS or any other Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Venereal Diseases.
  • Abuse of any intoxicant substances like alcohol and drugs.
  • All pre-existing diseases will be covered after 4 years waiting period.
  • Doesn’t cover the costs for person’s comfort or conveniences.
  • 2 years for such specific diseases like cataract, hernia, hydrocele surgery, joint replacement surgeries etc.
  • All medical treatment costs within the first 30 days of policy commencement unless it’s an accidental injury.
  • Any hospitalization costs arising out of the injuries of war / act of war / nuclear, chemical / biological weapon and radiation of any kind.
  • Expenses incurred due to pregnancy, dental treatments etc.
  • Mental disorders or insanity, weight control treatments, congenital diseases, cosmetic surgeries etc.