National Insurance Company | The Best General Insurance Solution

This fully government owned General Insurance Company offers various types of general insurance products to target different sector of customers. Such as,

Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy of National:

This two-wheeler insurance policy comes with comprehensive coverage which insures all the costs of damage that you face during your ride due to any natural or man-made perils.

Car Insurance Policy of National:

This policy insures you support against the financial responsibility due to bodily injury caused to a victim of an accident and in case of any damages caused to the third party property.

Health Insurance Policy of National:

National health insurance provides a plenty of policies to choose, like, National Parivar Mediclaim, Parivar Mediclaim Plus, National personal accident policy. This health insurance policy is available for people of all ages and also for those who belongs foreign countries.

Travel Insurance Policy of National:

It offers the coverage in different situations like theft, loss of luggage, passport loss and much more which help you to come out from any unwanted situation during travel.

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