How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy?

Choosing the best health insurance policy is a tough and confusing task. A bunch of questions pop-up in our mind while choosing a particular mediclaim policy. Medical costs are rising rapidly. Getting a health insurance has become a must for all of us. But the question that still remains is how do we choose the best health insurance policy? Certain things have to be given special priority while choosing the best health insurance plans in India.

Firstly, the best health insurance policy should offer coverage for these three main medical emergencies:

  • Hospitalization from sickness or injury.
  • Surgery for treating medical complications.
  • The best mediclaim policy must provide adequate medical coverage for the treatment of critical illness.

Guidelines of getting the best health insurance Policy

You must inspect thoroughly before selecting the best health insurance plans online that will offer huge benefits to the insured person to cover the medical emergencies. Such as, a policy will bring you peace of mind. Do consider the following points discussed below if you want to choose the best health insurance plan online in India for you or for your loved ones.

  • Critical Illness Cover:

    It is essential for you to consider critical illness cover before buying the best mediclaim policy. It is also important that you only pick the health insurance plans that offer protection for you as well for your entire family. You should select a critical illness cover which includes serious medical conditions such as cancer, paralysis, lung diseases etc.

  • Presence of Network Hospitals:

    You give extra priority to the health insurance policies that support cashless treatment. At the time of medical emergency, you can avail cashless treatment from network hospitals. So in terms of the best health insurance plans online, you must opt for such policies that offer a good number of cashless network hospitals.

  • Pre Existing Disease Coverage Options:

    Whenever you choose the best health insurance plans in India, always go for the such mediclaim policy that offer coverage for a wide range of pre existing diseases.

  • Post Hospitalization Charges:

    Post hospitalization charges are also important features of the best health insurance policy. The best health insurance plans online in India always offers coverage minimum for 60 days after discharging from the hospitals.

  • Co-Pay Option:

    Before opting for the best health insurance plans online, it is advised that you find out whether the insurance company offers co-pay clause for the health insurance plans. With co-pay option, the health insurance company agrees to pay a pre-defined portion of your hospital expenses. If you choose this option, your premium amount will be decreased.

  • Maximum Age-renewal:

    You may think that at a young age you do not require a health insurance policy, but when you grow older, the possibilities of health issues increases. So you should buy such policies which you can renew maximum at the age of 75 or 80 years. And this feature considered as the mediclaim policy in India.

  • High Claim-settlement Ratio:

    The best health insurance company always offers the high claim ratio. And the high claim settlement ratio is the number of claims that are settled by the insurance company over the total claims it receives. Hence, you should always opt for a health plan from an insurer that has the highest claim settlement ratio. In such a way, you can ensure that your claim will not be rejected until the insurer has a valid justification. But, according to experts, you should be careful at the time of filing a claim.

  • Plans with Sub-limits Option:

    The best health insurance policy in India always comes with sub limits options, where-in you will get per day basis medical expenses, room rent in case of hospitalization etc. So when you are looking for the best health insurance policies, consider those plans that offer the highest amount on room rent or other medical expenses. You just have to select the plans, and compare them online quotes, calculate the premium and select the best deal for you or for your loved ones.

Take a Note

You all know that health insurance is a necessary nowadays. Give these above discussed points a thought before buying the best health insurance plans in India. The way medical treatment is becoming expensive, buying the best health insurance can put you in a safe side. The best mediclaim policy will protect you and your family from the liability of unaffordable medical charges. GIBL.IN, an online insurance broking portal can help you to choose the best health insurance plans online.