About Bharti AXA Life Insurance Health Plans

A Health insurance plan basically provides you financial defense to meet up health related contingencies. Owing to the changing lifestyles, health related issues have escalated. They have also become increasingly more complex in nature. Therefore, it becomes very important to have a health insurance plan in place. Check out the health plan that Bharti AXA Life has on offer.

Bharti AXA Life Triple Health Insurance Plan

Bharti AXA Life Triple Health Insurance Plan is where you can make up to 3 Claims for unrelated critical illnesses. Subsequent to making the first Claim, all your future premiums are waived off and are paid by the Company.

  • The policy offers coverage for 13 critical illnesses.
  • These 13 critical illnesses are divided into 3 groups – Group A, Group B and Group C.
  • The best benefit of this plan is that you can make up to 3 unrelated critical illness Claims during the policy period.
  • Following the first Claim, which falls under one of the groups, you will still be entitled for a 2nd and 3rd Claim from the other 2 remaining groups.
  • This plan from Bharti AXA lessens your load by waiving off the future Premiums following the 1st Claim registration.
  • Bharti AXA Life will pay all the future premiums on your behalf and they will also make sure that your Policy cover is operational until Maturity.
  • The policy offers 100% Sum Assured for each Claim.
  • Following the first Claim, you will receive 100% of the Sum Assured for the other 2 Claims given that the event does not fall under the same group. However, this is subject to a no benefit period of 365 days between each Claim filed.