About Tata AIA Retirement Solutions

The average retirement years are on the rise with the rising life expectancy extending to late 70’s or early 80’s. Retirement, therefore, can be defined as a period for personal renovation.

It is imperative to look back at the beginning phases of your life, at what time you worked hard to build a sufficient amount of money which would provide you and your family with the comforts of life. To make sure the present way of life is maintained even after you stop working, it is very important to cautiously plan your savings in order to take pleasure in your golden years!

Life after retirement is not only about money, health or medicine; but also about freedom for those who want to expend their retirement by gardening, golfing or travelling.

Therefore, precise financial planning at the right time is very important since it will help you continue to enjoy the advantages even throughout retirement. Tata AIA Retirement Plans have been designed keeping all of these in mind to make your retirement more pleasurable.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Freedom

Tata AIA Life Insurance Freedom is basically a non-linked Participating Endowment Plan. The plan has been designed to allow you to discover an equilibrium in your financial portfolio just as you would generate a sense of balance in your life's portfolio.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Freedom plan provides you with Guaranteed Additions to augment your retirement corpus. You may also opt from additional rider to further increase your plan.

Special Features and Benefits of Tata AIA Life Insurance Freedom Plan

  • Boost Your Corpus with Guaranteed Additions: Under this plan, you can opt for a policy payment tenure as per your convenience. In addition to that, you will get a 10% per annum of Annualized premium at the start of every policy year till the premium payment tenure.
  • Decide the Time of Your Retirement: The policy offers the flexibility to decide your policy term that matches your Retirement requirements. You may select from Retirement Option 1 or Retirement Option 2 in which the Maturity age is 55 or 60 years correspondingly.
  • Optional Rider to Boost Your Plan: You can modify this plan by adding additional Tata AIA Life Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider
  • Growth of Your Corpus through Bonuses: You can enjoy the growth of your corpus all the way through Terminal Bonus and Compounded Reversionary Bonus, if any, therefore, allowing you to have an independent life.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Smart Annuity Plan

Smart Annuity is basically a non-linked, single premium, non-participating Individual Annuity Plan designed by Tata AIA Life Insurance. Tata AIA Life Insurance Smart Annuity plan has been formulated to help you gain financial freedom during your second innings. The plan provides you with a regular income so that you can manage your expenses after retirement.

Special Features and Benefits of Tata AIA Life Insurance Smart Annuity Plan

  • The plan offers you flexible annuity options so that you meet your future needs:
    • Immediate Life Annuity
    • Deferred Life Annuity with Return of Purchase Price
    • Immediate Life Annuity with Return of Purchase Price
  • Comes with the option of Joint or Single Life annuity
  • Provides you with the flexibility to opt from the Annuity Payouts mode
  • Offers you the option of Top Up to increase your Annuity Payout