About ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Term Plans

The term life insurance plans from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance help to protect your family’s future. These policies make sure that your family lead their lives happily without any financial stress, even in your absence.

ICICI Pru iProtect Smart Plan

  • This is a reasonably priced and customizable term insurance plan from ICICI Prudential Life which provides with improved protection for policyholder and his/her family
  • The policy offers improved protection by providing with coverage against terminal illness, disability and death
  • Offers comprehensive additional benefits which can be availed by choosing optional riders like Critical Illness Benefit and Accidental Death Benefit that offer coverage for 34 life-threatening illnesses
  • ICICI Pru iProtect Smart plan can be easily purchased online anytime of the day without any hassle by investing time as less as 10 minutes
  • Specifically for women and non-tobacco user, the policy offers special premium rates
  • Single premium option under this plan provides with the provision of surrender value which reduces with every passing year.
  • For more details on how much surrender value you will get back, you can always check your ICICI Prudential life insurance policy status online
  • Offers a selection to enhance the life cover at vital milestones in life like child birth, marriage, adoption etc.
  • Offers tax benefits premiums paid and benefits received as per the income tax laws
  • Provides option for need based benefit payout in the form of monthly income for 10 years or Lump Sum
  • Provides with the flexibility to pay premiums for a limited period, once, or all through the policy term under this plan
  • You can monitor the ICICI Prudential life insurance policy status online

ICICI Pru iCare II Plan

This is basically a pure term insurance plan from ICICI Prudential Life. The policy has been designed to cover the loved ones of the policyholder. ICICI Pru iCare II Plan makes sure that no obstacle can come in the way of their dreams.

  • This plan protects the future of the policyholder’s loved ones even in his/her absence
  • With the minimum yearly premium of Rs. 2, 400/-, this plan can be started
  • The plan offers tax benefits under section 10(10D) and 80C of the Income Tax Act
  • The policyholder is offered the option to pay the premium either in a regular gap all through the policy period or at once