Reliance HealthGain Insurance Policy

In the rapid speed of life and irregular lifestyles that we follow, we neglect our health mostly. But if we own a proper health insurance policy with right coverage, we can safeguard many unwanted health issues. HealthGain policy by Reliance General Insurance Company is considered as the best health insurance plan. The policy is designed to provide protection for you as well as for your entire family against hospitalization and others medical treatment expenses. You can have a look below to know more about this HealthGain policy.

You should know about the eligibility of this HealthGain Policy of Reliance General Insurance

  • 5 Years and above aged individual can eligible for this policy.
  • For children entry age is 91 days to 4 years if one member is above 21 years of age.

Plans of this policy

This HealthGain Policy plans are categorized on the basis of Sum Insured. Like,

Plan A- for Sum Insured of Rs. 3 Lakhs, 6 Lakhs and 9 Lakhs under individual or floater plan.

Plan B - for Sum Insured of Rs. 12 Lakhs, 15 Lakhs and 18 Lakhs under individual or floater plan.

Reliance General Health Gain Policy Benefits

Hospitalization expenses

Insured person can get coverage for illnesses or injuries and is hospitalized for more than 24 incessant hours.

Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses

Under this HealthGain Policy, you will get medical expenses for 60 days incurred before hospitalization. And after hospitalization, you will get 60 days coverage too.

Day-care treatment

You can avail day-care treatment for surgeries and procedures, where you need hospitalization for less than 24 hours due to advanced health technology.

Ambulance Services

Under this HealthGain plan, you can get the expenses for domestic-road ambulance services to the nearest hospital in the event of life threatening emergencies.

Domiciliary hospitalization

The much needed domiciliary hospitalization plan is available under this policy. Sometimes it becomes impossible to move the patient to the hospital because of their condition or lack of hospital accommodation. In such cases, the patient can be treated on their residence or home.

Cumulative Bonus

If no claims are made for 4 consecutive years, the insured person can get 33.3% increase in basic Sum Insured amount and can be extended to 100% maximum under both plans.

Re-instatement of Sum Insured

If you exhaust your total Sum Insured and cumulative bonus and you still require further hospitalization for any illness, the company will refill the full Sum Insured with no extra cost.

Accidental Death cover

This coverage is available only under Plan B. The company will provide an accidental death cover of Rs. 1 Lakh/- at the end of every claim-free year.

Highlights of Reliance HealthGain Policy

  • This plan can cover up to 6 people individually 4 children and 2 adults.
  • You can avail a remarkable discounts on various, value-added wellness services.
  • Cashless health insurance claims is also available under Reliance HealthGain Policy.
  • Under Plan B, if you are diagnosed with any critical illness, you can avail free policy renewal option.
  • Room rent is available for single person.