Star Unique Health Insurance Policy

As the name suggests, this Star Unique Health Insurance Policy is truly unique or exclusive as it provides coverage for future illness and pre-existing diseases. This policy has 2-year tenure so that you can pay the premium in two installments. First installment you can pay at the time of purchasing the policy and the second one after a year. One of the most unique features of this plan is it provides coverage for HIV positive patients with a minimum CD4 count of 350 at the time of entry.

Eligibility of Star Unique Health Insurance Policy

The persons who are between the ages of 18 years to 65 years at the time of entry can take this health insurance plan. After 65 years of age, only policy renewal option is available.

Star Unique Health Insurance Policy benefits

  • This policy of Star Health Company provides protection to the insured person for in patient hospitalization costs for a minimum of 24 hrs. And these in patient expenses include boarding charges and nursing, room rent, surgeon, anesthetists, medical practitioner, consultant’s fees, specialist fees and many more.
  • Pre-hospitalization costs up to 30 days earlier to the admission in the hospital will also be provided.
  • Post-hospitalization amount paid as lump sum up to the limit specified.
  • You can also avail ambulance charges for emergency transportation to hospital, if you own this Star Unique Health Insurance Policy.
  • It offers network of more than 8400+ hospitals all over the India.
  • Pre-acceptance medical screening is not required in order to get insured under this policy.
  • Certain day-care procedures are covered as specified in this policy.
  • If the policyholders wish to migrate to another insurer towards renewal, they can draft an application at least 45 days prior to the date of renewal.

Add-on coverage of Star Unique Health Insurance

  • The policy provides coverage to HIV positive individuals, provided their CD 4 count is minimum 350 at the time of applying for the policy.
  • According to this policy, you can avail non-allopathic treatments.
  • Free look period benefit is also offered by this Star Unique Health Insurance policy. The length of this policy review period is 15 days. After that, you cancel the policy anytime, except the time of renewal.
  • The policyholders also get coverage for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Star Unique Health Insurance Policy renewal

  • You can get a grace period of 30 days from the policy date of expiry.
  • An enhancement can be allowed after the renewal during this process.

Star Unique Health Insurance Policy renewal

  • Any treatment within first 30 days of the policy is not covered Under Star Unique Health Insurance Policy.
  • Dental treatment or surgery is also excluded.
  • Any kind of injury due to nuclear weapons.
  • 4 year exclusion on cancer, cirrhosis of liver, bone marrow transplant, retinal detachment, chronic kidney disease.
  • Cosmetic procedure and Naturopathy treatment are also excluded from this plan.
  • Expenses on vitamins and tonics are not part of this policy.