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About United India Uni Criticare Health Policy

United india health insurance Recovery of the critical illness demands prolonged medical care. It is also expensive and needs time to execute. But investing in the Uni-criti-care policy of the United India Insurance you can shades the burden of medical expenditure for listed critical illnesses. Extensive benefits can be drawn by investing in it.

UIIC Health Insurance Policy Types

Senior Citizen

Aged people always demands thorough checkk-ups and medical surveillances, as a result it also demands expenses to get it done properly. By investing in it, both can be done properly.

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Critical Illness

By investing in the critical care management of the United India Uni criticare-policy you can get the best help both financially and medically to recover listed critical illness.

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Family Floater

By investing in the policy you can cover up the entire family member’s health related issues. Your insured money can be shared for the medical purpose among your family.

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Your all health related issues now can get the best medical care by investing your insured money in the medical insurance policy for the entire year.

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Group Mediclaim Policy

A large number of people’s health-care management can be done by investing in the group-mediclaim-policy. Employees of any specific organization can gain the best help from it.

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United India Family Medicare Policy covers all members of the family consisting of self, spouse and Dependent children under one Sum Insured.

United India Senior Citizen Policy covers hospitalization expenses for
treatment of illness, injury and certain Day Care procedures of people
between the age of 61 and 80 years.

United India Individual Mediclaim Policy is designed to safeguard an individual and offers coverage against hospitalization expenses for treatment of illness and accidental injury.

Top Policies

United India Super Top Up Plan covers total hospitalization expenses exceeding the threshold level under any regular health insurance plans

United India Private Car Package Policy offer coverage against liability and damages to the insured vehicle and personal accident of the owner-driver.

United India Two Wheeler Package Policy offer coverage against liability and damages to the insured vehicle and personal accident of the owner-driver.

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Critical Illness is something that grips our body to the fullest and the harm that it does to the body is something that takes huge durations of time to cure. In today’s world where we are always in a hurry and money is everything, we do not do much to take care of ourselves and critical illness gets the better of our body. We are mostly unable to understand when they enter our body and slowly starts taking over our body.

The financial burden that falls upon our family once the critical illness grips us is something that requires a lot of recovery time. United India has brought to us the UNI Criticare policy that shares our financial burden a lot with a very minimum premium amount. Since its inception, the UNI Criticare policy has garnered a lot of positive remarks on its features and has been applied extensively by the benefactors.

If these features and benefits attract you enough to buy the policy then contact the site or download the form from the site and submit it to the office. The link has the details of the policy and they also have a facility where the agent of the company would come and visit your homes to give you the details of the policy. This policy also has an option of buying the policy through contacting the site of the company. Net banking is something that is not available on the site. You can also buy the policy online by clicking on the link below.

  • COMA
  • Attempted Suicide or intentional self injury
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Disease or presence of HIV AIDS infection
  • Smoking more than 40 cigarettes a day

The policy has a specialty of covering 11 critical diseases. The minimum of the benefactor to avail the policy should be 21 years whereas; the maximum age shall be 65 years. The term of the policy is of 1 year, following which it can be renewed.

Even though there are so many features and facilities given by the UNI Criticare policy, there are drawbacks too. There is a clause named as the Cancellation Clause in the policy which states that the company is liable to cancel the policy at any time on the grounds of misinterpretation, fraud or non-disclosure of material related to the policy. The benefactor too, at any point of time can cancel the policy. The company shall allow the refund of premium at company’s short period rate table only if there has been no claim upto the date of cancellation.

  • If Period On Risk is Upto one month, 1/4th of the annual Premium rate is to be charged
  • If Period On Risk is Upto three months, 1/2th of the annual Premium rate is to be charged
  • If Period On Risk is Upto six months, 3/4th of the annual Premium rate is to be charged
  • If Period On Risk is more than six months, full annual Premium rate is to be charged

The company can also is liable to decline the renewal if there is any fraud or misrepresentation or suppression by the benefactor found either in obtaining the insurance. Any claim that is made under the policy is to be made in Indian Currency only. This policy is also non assignable where compensation shall be payable only to the insured person or his legal heir. To claim under the policy, a notice must be given to the company or Third party administrator (TPA) in writing immediately.